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Coblit specializes in creating dedicated mobile applications, tailored to the individual needs of clients. Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, we offer solutions for Android and iOS platforms that meet specific business requirements, ensuring maximum functionality and intuitive usability. Our applications integrate with existing systems, are secure and easy to use, enhancing the efficiency and mobility of our clients' operations. With experience in the IT industry, Coblit's mobile applications are the key to modern management and customer interaction.

Custom Adaptation:

Coblit designs mobile applications with the individual needs of clients in mind, ensuring the personalization of features and appearance. Each application perfectly meets specific business requirements, increasing its utility and effectiveness.

Integration with Existing Systems:

Our mobile applications are designed for easy integration with existing business systems. The fluidity of data and processes translates into operational efficiency and better coordination of business activities.

Security and Ease of Use:

Security and intuitive usability are key features of our applications. Advanced security protocols and ergonomic interfaces ensure data protection and ease of use.



we have created


For one of the largest employment agencies in Paris and the Île-de-France region, we created a comprehensive system for managing all organizational processes. This system includes customer relationship management, recruitment processes, project management, document circulation, payments, and settlements. Thanks to this solution, operational efficiency significantly increased, many processes were automated, new standards introduced, and operational costs reduced. The system contains modules for clients and candidates and connects with external recruitment portals, transferring many operations to third parties. The Coblit project included analysis, environment construction, design, software development, testing, and implementation in the organization along with training.


Coblit developed SignSafe, an innovative method for quick and secure collection of signatures on PDF documents. Our solution enables the sending of documents for remote signing by clients, employees, and contractors through manual signing on a smartphone screen. SignSafe offers both remote and local signature support, providing an eco-friendly, paperless alternative. Additionally, the system is easy to integrate with existing business systems such as CRM, ERP, or invoicing systems.


Coblit developed an Android and iOS mobile application for reporting all kinds of social and consumer issues, used by non-profit organizations in Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia. The application allows citizens to report unfair consumer practices and other complaints. It also offers sections with news for consumers and reports. The application manager has web access to manage notifications, users, and adding news and reports.

KADO Hostess - zdalne podpisywanie umów

Coblit opracował rozwiązanie dla prestiżowej agencji hostess z Paryża, umożliwiając zdalne podpisywanie umów przez hostessy za pomocą aplikacji mobilnej. Problem braku czasu, kłopotów logistycznych i konieczności podpisania umowy przed rozpoczęciem pracy został skutecznie rozwiązany. Nasze innowacyjne podejście usunęło wieloletnie komplikacje, umożliwiając agencji elastyczność i efektywność w zarządzaniu kontraktami.

Kompleksowe wdrożenie projektu

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Tworzymy prototypy oprogramowania z dedykowaną grafiką, które precyzyjnie odzwierciedlają wymagania biznesowe i użytkowe, zapewniając efektywność i sukces Twojego projektu.

Programowaniei testowanie

Zapewniamy profesjonalny rozwój oprogramowania i skrupulatne testowanie, aby dostarczyć produkty w pełni funkcjonalne i dopasowane do potrzeb Twojej firmy.

Wsparcie i rozwój

Oferujemy kompleksowe wsparcie i dynamiczny rozwój oprogramowania, dostosowując się do zmieniających się wymagań rynku i zapewniając nieustającą wartość Twojemu biznesowi.


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